Cooking Class: Authentic Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine doesn't need to be intimidating! Learn how easy it is to make authentic Indian fare in this cooking class with Chef Parsati. 

You will prepare three different dishes, starting with spiced potato bites served with yogurt mint sauce. Then, create homemade butter chicken that rivals what you would find in a restaurant. You'll also enjoy freshly baked naan alongside your meal.

Our cooking classes are designed to be social events that do not require any previous experience. Guests are welcome to purchase beer to enjoy during the class.


Aloo Sizzlers With Yogurt Mint Sauce

With potatoes, Indian spices and cheese

Shahi Butter Chicken

With Indian spices, heavy cream, nuts, tomato, onion, ginger and garlic

Naan Prepared by Chef

With wheat and yeast

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 2 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Restrictions Must be 21 years of age or older to attend.

Golden Apron guest reviews for this experience

12 Mar 2020

I had a great time with Chef Parsati. Her recipe for butter chicken is delicious and much better than I have ever had. I learned a lot of techniques from her as well! She has a very no-fuss style of cooking which I enjoyed, especially as I try to incorporate cooking into everyday life. I highly recommend her!

27 Feb 2020

Unfortunately the class mostly focused on how to use an Instapot. because the meal needed to be made quickly. I wanted to learn how to make this dish in cookware I already own. The butter chicken was delicious so I will try this recipe again but in my Le Creuset pot Class was way too basic for me who did not learn wet much new.

27 Feb 2020

Chef Parsati is really a nice person and we had a great time cooking and sharing a meal with her. She really knows what she is talking about, and she told u a lot about Indian food in general. Thank you! =)

Golden Apron guest reviews for other experiences with Chef Parsati

09 Mar 2020

Chef Parsati was easy to work with and very profesional. We had a great time at the cooking class

05 Mar 2020

I think Chef Parsati was great and this review isn't about her. It is about the whole experience. First of all this was an Italian recipe at a Peruvian restaurant. It was at the very back and in a corner. We sat at a table where we all just saw and watched the chef cook and talk about the cooking. We had to go to the restaurants bathroom to wash our hands. Though how many people didn't touch the door or the doorknob before returning? Seems unsanitary. There really wasn't much cooking for any of us to do. We didn't all each have a station to work with. We just listened to the chef and once in a while she'd ask someone to volunteer to help. It wasn't a cooking class by any stretch and I was really bummed to not be a part of a cooking class like they do at Sur La Table, for example.

05 Mar 2020

Had a really great time! Very interactive and social experience. Much more fun than I bargained for, and that's all thanks to Chef Parsati. I can't recommend this enough!!

Guest reviews for Chef Parsati

06 Mar 2020

Parsati is a very organized chef and teacher. Dishes are amazingly tasty and healthy. She provides cooking tips throughout the cooking lesson. This is not only a cooking class; it is a platform to learn cooking, gel with friends and enjoy the drinks and aroma at the local bar. I would highly recommend her class

06 Mar 2020

It was great to meet you; your food was outstanding. I loved your recipe and definitely will try at home for my family

06 Mar 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Wonderful chef; great cooking tips. Would love to have another class. Thanks Chef Parsati

01 Dec 2019

Chef Parsati is super friendly and very knowledgeable of the Indian-fusion she teaches. She give great tips for each dish and insights to the Indian food culture that I found fascinating.

01 Dec 2019

Chef Parsati provided excellent communication prior to the class! She ensured if I had any dietary restrictions or allergies and was very conscientious to include me in the decision making during the process of preparing the grilled Salmon steaks and vegetables. The class was personalized and the chef is very knowledgeable; prepared; and efficient. She encouraged me to keep it simple and delicious! I learned new things and enjoyed a delicious meal (with leftovers to take home)! I would recommend this!

01 Dec 2019

Unlike any other cooking course. Comforts of her own kitchen.. and you even get to have a nice 4 course lunch.

01 Dec 2019

I loved the experience. Chef’s knowledge about the dishes and clear guide for using equipment was so very helpful. I was amazed at how fast a great, healthy meal could be made using fresh, ingredients. I’m sure to take another class. Great experience. I cannot wait to make my own chicken kabob. Butter chicken. Pulao and peas. So exciting and great easy instructions and I loved the thoughtful choices for my first class with Chef Parsati.

01 Dec 2019

Chef Parsati was wonderful to work with. It was a pleasure to work with her before the classes to discuss the menu and other creative ideas to make the classes more interactive and special for the attendees. Chef Parsati led the class through cooking a number of dishes that were all very flavorful, healthy, colorful, and allowed for the children to be involved. Everything tasted very yummy, and it's amazing she was able to make so many delicious dishes during the two-hour window of the class. We enjoyed trying a curry, a rice dish, a chicken dish, and some wonderful sides/accompaniments. It is clear how much Parsati loves cooking and has a gift for creating delicious and healthy recipes. She is passionate about sharing that gift with adults and children alike and helping them learn to cook flavorful food in their own home kitchens.

01 Dec 2019

I loved that the session was hands-on and engaging. Young kids had the opportunity to be involved in prepping the meal, as well as learning about how it was made. Chef Parsati was thoughtful in the way she explained the technique and encouraged active participation.

$75 $ 49 Per person

all-inclusive: 2-hour class, meal and taxes.

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Meet your chef

Chef Parsati Verified chef

New chef

Chef Parsati has a true passion for cooking that includes researching new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, and hosting events for clients with a focus on teaching techniques and keeping the class interactive. Previously, Chef Parsati has worked for Williams Sonoma in a culinary capacity, and was as an instructor for an international education program teaching kids match, science and geography through cooking.

Event location: San Francisco

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